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The Birds: A Modern Adaptation
(comedy, 16-26 characters, gender flexible)

The Bold, the Young, and the Murdered - 100 productions!
(murder mystery comedy, 13 actors, 4-8 M, 5-9 F)

A Bright Swarm of Beetles
(drama, 5 M, 5 F, 10-40 actors possible)

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (full-length) - 700 productions!
(comedy, 5-47 actors, gender flexible)

Chemical Bonding 
(comedic drama, up to 25 actors, gender flexible)

The Craving - 50 productions!
(comedy, 10 females, 8 males, 9 either | 14-27 actors possible: 7-19 females, 2-17 males)

Current Economic Conditions
(comedy, 3 M, 3 F, 6-12 actors possible)
Winner, Edgerton New Play Award
The Election - 100 productions!
(satire, 12-50 actors possible, highly flexible)
Empowered: How One Girl Nearly Destroyed the World's Economy - New 2015!
(satire, 9F 3M 5 either, 10-30 actors possible)

Game of Tiaras (full-length) - New 2015! 100 productions!
(comedy, 9 F, 10 M, 15 either, 22-40+ actors possible)

The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza (full-length) - 200 productions!
(comedy, 8-50+ actors, gender flexible)

The Hamlet Thrill-ma-geddon (full length) - 50 productions! (comedy, huge, flexible cast, 12-50+ actors possible)

Humbletown: The Greatest Town on Earth (with Jonathan Rand) - New 2015!(comedy, 10-133 actors possible - seriously, there are 133 parts in this thing)

The Matchmakers 
(comedy, 5 women, 8 men)

Mutually Assured Destruction (10 Plays about Brothers and Sisters) - 50 productions! New 2015!
(10 10-minute plays, comedy, 2 M 2 F, 4-20 actors)

One Good Thing
(drama, 8-25 M, 13-30 F, 22-40 actors possible)

The SeussOdyssey (full-length) - 50 productions!
(comedy, 8-50+ actors, gender flexible)

Spy School - 50 productions!
(comedy, 12 M, 10 F, 3 either, 18+ actors possible)


The Tell-Tale Farce - Newish 2014!
(farce, 4 F 5 M)

A Tiny Miracle with a Fiber-Optic Unicorn
(comedy, 5 women, 3 men)

Too Fabulous to Fail - Newish 2014!
(comedy, 4 F 4 M, 27 either)
An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance - Newish 2014!
(farce, 4 F 4 M 1 either)

White Buffalo
(drama, 3 men, 2 women, 4 chorus)
--Winner of the 2004 Princess Grace Award for Playwriting
--Nominated for the Pultizer Prize for Drama
--Winner, Edgerton New Play Award

The World's Largest Rodent 
(comedy, 3 men, 3 women)



Unpublished Plays: To read these plays, please contact me directly. There are more, there are so many more, but I've been putting them up on the National New Play Exchange. You can check them out there too.


(4 men, 2 women)
--Winner of the 2002 New Voices Fellowship Through Ensemble Studio Theatre

Growing up in a depressed auto town in Wisconsin, Brandon Taylor has had a rough life. His penchant for stealing cars and attempting to flip them over hasn't helped much. Brothers begins after Brandon's latest stunt lands him in jail, not the hospital, and he is sentenced to parole and ordered to return home to live with his parents.

Brandon's re-entry into the home exacerbates the already frayed emotions of his disintegrating family: his mother, a recovering or non-recovering alcoholic, his father, a struggling auto worker, and his older brother, who was just as bad as him, but has somehow managed to escape the dangerous consequences of Brandon's behavior. Brandon acts as a polarizing force on the family members, as the parents attempt to save him from his behavior and their past mistakes.

Giving up on his chance at redemption, the GED, Brandon embarks on a risky plan to steal one last truck. In order for it to have any chance of success, however, he must enlist the aid of his older brother, Evan, who works as a security guard at the local GM plant. Brandon's desperate scheme brings up long-buried resentment between the brothers, and culminates in the unearthing of a vicious struggle that has been going on for years.

At what point do we cease being a collection of our parents' mistakes? Do parents share the blame for the sins of their children? Brothers explores this question as Brandon tries to navigate the difficult world of parole while spiraling into an increasingly self-destructive abyss.


A Night Near the Sun
(4 men, 3 women)
--Premiered at the Tinfish Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on May 6-24, 2000, under the direction of Rick FonteAn emotionally disturbed girl disappears for three days before waking up alongside the side of the interstate, setting off a series of events that culminates in the brutal murder of a small-time drug dealer.  A Night Near the Sun explores the consequences of alienation, alien abduction, and obsession in a small town.