“Seeing award-winning "White Buffalo" at the Purple Rose Theatre a small miracle. From the explosive beginning to the illuminated ending, everything works. There is no wasted gesture or unnecessary word in this beautiful and moving production.”
-Jackson City Patriot


My name is Don Zolidis and I'm a playwright, screenwriter, and former middle and high school teacher. I write comedies and dramas, although at the moment I seem to be mostly known for my comedies. As of July 2015, I've published 78 plays which have been produced over 7,500 times in 47 countries. You might also have seen my work on the forensics circuit, where I am as popular as grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Professionally, my work has appeared at the Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Phoenix Theatre, The Bloomington Playwrights Project, Dallas HUB Theatre, the Purple Rose Theatre, The Victory Theatre Center, Mirror Stage Ensemble, Expanded Arts NYC, Tinfish Theatre, Studio 360, and many other places. I'm also working on numerous commissions at the moment. 

Please feel free to browse this site, look at the samples of the plays, and find ways to buy them. (my babies need money for college!) There are a few that aren't published, so you can contact me directly to get those. If you're looking to use scenes or monologues for classwork or auditions, those are free to download and use. 

I also have a beautiful family and two wonderful sons, Michael and Eric, who rock. 

If you are interested in professional rights to some of my work, please contact my agent, Elaine Devlin at edevlinlit@aol.com


And please follow me on twitter at @donzolidis.